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Jamie Sperling

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How can it be that we're already halfway through the month of January? These weeks have zipped by at lightening fast speed, and if you're like me you have to start thinking a little harder about those goals you set for yourself a few weeks ago.

So...did you decide to do more for yourself this year? Or to try new things, to step outside your comfort zone? Did you create a list of things you want to make time for but just never have? If so, I have 15 things you may be interested in trying!

1. Sign up for a baking/cooking class- maybe with your spouse, a friend, or even by yourself.

2. Head to your local craft store and get the supplies to do (at least) one of those beautiful crafts you saved on Pinterest. 

3. When given a compliment, say 'thank you' and smile. Nothing more. (....because this can be incredibly hard for many of us!)

4. Try a new hair style. 

5. Sign up for a community college course in something you've always wished you knew more about- photography, women's studies, history, language.

6. Say 'no', when you really don't have time/energy/interest. You will disappoint people, but in the end you will be happier, healthier, and freer to live your best life.  

7. Sign up to make or paint pottery, and regardless of how it turns out proudly display it in your home. 

8. Send handwritten letters to those serving our country. Even if they don't know you, I bet they'd love to hear a great big 'THANK YOU' for all they are sacrificing. 

9. Paint your nails that beautiful, bold shade of green you've been seeing everywhere, but you've been too scared to try. 

10. Organize a weekend get away, make it fit your budget (hello, staycation!), and set the date a few weeks ahead so you have something fun to look forward to when winter seems to be dragging on. 

11. Host a dinner party, and ask people to dress up. Serve something you don't usually eat and drink something fancy. Make any night feel like a special event. 

12. Write a book, or start a blog, or a journal, or a podcast. Whatever you fancy, just take the first step. 

13. Organize your closets, and purge. Be ruthless but be smart, so in the end you feel like it's made an impact. 

14. Look for local yoga studios and apparel stores that offer *free* classes. Put them in your calendar so you have no excuses for not attending. 

15. Save up for something your budget doesn't always allow for- a pedicure, a new pair of jeans, a fancy dinner out, a massage, an adventure, a night away with your spouse- and then set a goal for when you want that thing to happen. 

We'd love to know what other ideas you have, and if you try any of these ones feel free to tag us on Instagram. There is nothing better than deciding to live your best life!

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