A Correspondence Journal; a collection of letters to tell your story

Jamie Sperling

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Do you remember the last handwritten letter you received? Or the feeling that came with seeing your name printed on an envelope in handwriting that was instantly recognizable? If you're anything like me, just thinking back to that moment made a loved ones face come to mind, and you are now on the path down memory lane.   

In a world where most of our communication comes via electronics, it's rare to find a letter in your mailbox written by hand. It's even rarer to find a collection of letters that tell a story- a love story, a success story, a miraculous story.

Our correspondence journal was created to restore the practice of letter writing and collecting correspondences to create and tell stories. Our me+you journal was designed to work in several ways. Whether you are writing a collection of letters to someone, or you are sharing the pages with a loved one (or a few), you'll find our journal makes it easy to tell your story.

A few of our favorite ways to use the me+you journal are:

  • parent+child ... we love the thought of sharing a journal with your child(ren). You can choose to have one journal for each or one for your family to share. Creating themes to prompt your writing ("what was the best part of your day/week?", "what I'm most thankful for...", "the best part of school/a sport/a vacation is...") is a fun way to document your family's current season of life.
  • bride+groom ... opening a collection of handwritten letters just for you from your husband/wife compiled in the months leading to your wedding day is a moment that will remain with you. It will forever be a tangible symbol of how loved you are, and something your children and grandchildren will use to tell your love story for generations to come.
  • pregnant mother/adopting parents+growing baby ... as a mom-to-be, I did this with our first born and years later still go back to remember what it felt like to share my body with our precious daughter. Writing to your child before they even take their first breath can be a beautiful way to document the miracle of carrying a child/the journey of adopting while giving them a peek into what life looked like as you prepared to meet him/her.
  • husband+wife ... whether one or both of you travel often, or you just want to document your love story, a shared journal is an wonderful way to stay connected and collect the moments that reaffirm the vows you took when you said 'I do.'
  • teachers/coaches/influential adults+your child ... as parents we know the saying 'it takes a village' couldn't be truer. But sometimes it isn't until our children are grown that they realize it was their village who helped shape them into who they are today. Having a collection of letters from those who invested in you child to present to him/her on their 18th birthday would be a meaningful gift to send them off into the next chapter with. With these letters of support and encouragement your child will know they can take the risks they need to change the world, while having the strength of their village behind them.

Everyone has a wonderful story to tell. Make yours last the next hundred years.

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