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The Lost Art of Letter Writing (part 2)

Jamie Sperling

We’re just about halfway through National Letter Writing Month...can you believe how quickly the days are passing? I hope you’ve found some beautiful moments to collect, and some time to author a handwritten letter. There really isn’t anything like opening your mailbox to find someone had you in mind.

Last week we shared some ideas for collecting letters for and with your children. Hopefully you found those to be sweet ways to help preserve and cherish the precious years for both you and them. 

This week we’re talking milestones. Where are all my pregnant mamas, brides and grooms to be, families in the process of adoption, or even those looking toward a major life change (moving homes or states or even countries)???

Milestones tend to signify the start or end of different chapters we experience in life. Some close the door on hardship, while others open it up to newness and the arrival of much anticipation. 

Expecting Parents/Pregnant Mamas/Adoptive Parents ... this milestone doesn’t always happen as we plan. Sometimes we’re ready and longing and praying through tears, and others we’re speechless and unprepared. Bringing a child(ren) into your family - regardless of how it happens - is a shift. It means adding one more set of needs, and one more way to divide time and hearts. It means growing your heart and home in ways you’ve never imagined. It’s rearranging priorities and dabbling with a new fit of jeans. The moments of anticipation and waiting are so raw and beautiful and worthy of remembering. Our Me + You journal is the perfect space to author your own story of expecting, waiting on your world to be shaken, your heart to be filled up more than you thought possible. Writing letters to yourself to remember these days, or a collection of letters to give your significant other as a reminder of how much you cherished this time doing life alongside them is a beautiful gift that will be treasured through each new experience you have together. How quickly you forget the pains of pregnancy or what it felt like to have them so physically close to your heart.

Brides and Grooms to be ... this is one of the most exciting and monumental milestones, two become one and life will be a succession of beautiful changes from the moment you exchange “I do’s”. If you’re like me, I wanted to give my husband something of significance on our wedding day - aside from his sparkly new gold band - that could become an heirloom with beautiful memories collected to hand down to our some day son. When I designed our correspondence journal I dreamed of love letters being collected, and gifted to a bride or groom as a tangible and very personal reminder of the love they will seal with sacred vows. Our Me + You journal can become a tradition of gift giving in your marriage; volumes of letters written and shared over a long and happy life spent together. Collect these memories, big and small, and share them for a lifetime. 

Regardless of the milestone, recording the experience as you live it helps preserve and maintain the significance of life as it was at the start, and where you are when it’s over. Life offers precious blessing at each stage, hold on to them forever. 

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