Winter Reading List

Jamie Sperling

Each season offers a unique set of reasons to curl up with a book; in summer you can sway between trees in a hammock reading of adventures and mystery, autumn brings warm cider and cool breezes from open windows, and spring rainstorms draw you back to bed with a good book and a cup of coffee. And finally winter... the time of year when the whole world slows down a bit; we snuggle together in front of fires and settle in for longer evenings. We pull out all the blankets, and live by the glow of tiny twinkling lights. 

But it always seem that it's in these cold and snowy days that I do the most reading; checking more off my reading wishlist. Maybe it's the weather, or the extra time off work, or the long car trips to see family, but it's most likely because the time to savor these warm fires and the feeling of living in a snow globe goes away much too quickly.

If you too are settling in to do some winter reading, here are some of our favorite titles. 

The Casual Vacancy 

The Nest

The Magic of Motherhood

This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

For The Love

The Residence

Looking For Lovely

Behold The Dreamers

The Recipe Club...

Only Love Today

The Wonder


Michelle Obama: A Life

The Hopefuls


The Book Thief

We would love to add to our reading list... comment below or find us on Instagram @j.sperlingpaperie to share your favorites using hashtag #jspreadinglist.


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